“The Suicide Forest”, one of the best comics of 2011

So it says Greg Burgas, at Comic Book Resources, in his list of “the best comics” past year. These are his words:

That's the headline

“A few years ago, this creative team brought us The Veil, which was pretty darned good, and this year we got The Suicide Forest, about the woods near Tokyo where people go to commit suicide. Torres and Hernandez don’t go as full-on horror with this series as they did with The Veil, but this is still a creepy story about an American whose Japanese girlfriend kills herself and then comes back to haunt him and the forest ranger who might be able to help him. It’s a bit more of a psychological drama than their earlier work, and it’s also more tragic. Both creators have done other work separately this year, and I’m not sure if they have any other things planned, but I hope they do, because I’m sure it will be pretty keen.”

He also endorses the cover at issue #3 as one of the best covers this year, for the use that Gabriel Hernández did of the negative space.

The first version of the cover depicted a Ryoko in "miko" suit, discarded

...also with a background

The second sketch, with the vines coming out Masami's eyes

And finally, Gaby found the cover...

"The Suicide Forest #3" cover, by Gabriel Hernández

I’m still waiting word from IDW for a digital release of these books… seems they aren’t interested, for a change. Perhaps it’s not a best seller, but definitively “The Suicide Forest” is one of the books I’m most proud of.

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